iviva Professional Network

Brings together domain experts, iviva certified developers and consultants from across the world who can support integrators and end customers in the design, implementation and operation of iviva solutions.

The estimated “Smart Building” Market sector size could exceed $25B by 2020, accelerating adoption of IoT in the Smart Building Management Space will change the market dynamics of Smart Buildings as a result of the low prices of IoT-based components and availability of advanced integrated software solutions and digital services.

With connectivity of so many edge devices, there will be a requirement to maximise operational and energy efficiencies using analytical and predictive algorithms to manage this data, such enhancements and innovations will require the development of new services to end users to bring enhanced value added to their data and provide data-driven decision making.

The development of flexible and cost-effective cloud-based applications that convert green and smart data into a decision-making platform for smart buildings is essential to extract the full potential of IoT.

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