Welcome, we are Connecting.

Todays Building Owners, Facilities Operators and Business Occupants demand connected systems, workplaces and users via digital technology and data to enable collaborative, healthy and comfortable working experiences.

At Connecting, we have a wealth of knowledge in the Design, Management and Deployment of Smart Buildings on behalf of their clients.

We are in the business of Connecting Building Systems & Services, with Facilities Management and Smart Workspaces using our end-to-end platform solutions.

Our ultimate goal, of course, is to not only bring delivery efficiencies, operational savings but to also reduce our clients operating costs by being smart with their assets and connecting with our smart “End to End” technologies whilst providing enhanced user working experiences!

Connected with the Cloud for your business and beyond…

Our platform services connect people with processes to leverage the value of their assets by connecting Building Information Models to their systems & assets, allowing enterprise applications to be integrated to allow designers, integrators, operators and end users to interact over a single platform.

Our Cloud Services platform brings a future-ready Integrated Building Management Systems to fit into your business needs and geared to dramatically cut down on your delivery, operational and facilities running costs.

Our Cloud Services provides a common operator interface for real-time monitoring and controlling of numerous systems and processes within buildings or facilities so that they are orchestrated to ensure the smooth running of the entire ecosystem for its users or occupants.

Let us introduce you to iviva our smart BiM software that will connect all of your assets in one place.

With all assets connected via BIM and Asset Manager, our Connecting Cloud Services platform can be utilised as your Inventory Manager.

Never lose track of your inventory items be it your own assets and equipment or even your mission-critical goods. This will allow you to know when to reorder items to gain just-in-time cost benefits but will also reveal the usage patterns and trends across different operational levels to optimize your resource allocation. Strategic links to your financial systems can further allow Connecting Buildings Cloud to execute purchase request workflows while tracking vendor performance.

Our aim at Connecting is to connect you and your assets. So before you embark on your next building project, give us a call.

Our aim at Connecting is to connect you and your assets and user on a single platform. So before you embark on your next building project, give us a call.

We provide Digital Transformation & Smart Buildings Design, Management and Implementation services to Connect, Integrate and Interact throughout the Buildings Lifecycle.