Smart Buildings add value

There is growing evidence that smart buildings, like sustainable buildings, can command higher rental rates than less technology enabled buildings. 

Smart Building Technology can support the Post Pandemic value drivers of health & wellness, human experience and sustainability. 

Of course, it's not just the desirability of the building and top-line revenue that can be improved through making a building smarter. 

– Alf

Technology can also be leveraged to reduce operating costs through predictive maintenance, real-time energy monitoring & management, automation & robotics and more. 

Recognising that the built environment is there to support its occupants, Smart Buildings is about more than the physical space, it is how we can optimise the environment for the occupiers.  Prior to the pandemic, a business focus was about Productivity & Efficiencies, now it is more about the Health & well-being of the occupants & Optimising the performance of the environment. 

At Connecting Buildings, we deem the important factor for Smart Buildings is the occupier with a key function to create an enhanced User Experience. This can be achieved through varying smart workplace technologies, which deliver a seamless, frictionless and customised solution.  

However, to achieve the ultimate objective, the design requires full integration between the workplace, ICT and building systems, which will drive through beneficial outcomes across core business functions.