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Digital transformation for the construction industry

The tenant demand for smart services continues to increase, and the construction industry needs to meet these needs to stay competitive. However, packing your premises with trending technologies will often create as many problems as it solves.

Increasingly advanced systems and IoT technologies represent dozens of improvements to the workflow and output of businesses, as well as the efficiency and quality of facilities and property management services. However, poor implementation often leads to greater costs, and unwieldy levels of operational complexity. 

The silo approach to implementing these technologies actively undermines the many benefits that are possible. Unlocking the powerful possibilities of Smart Buildings requires resolving this issue at its source. 

The current approach across the industry is leaking efficiency, and wallowing in wasted potential. Technology and physical spaces are integrating at a rapid rate, and we need to adapt quickly to meet the future needs of the construction industry. 

With a lack of cohesion across the lifecycle, building operators are hampered by unfinished buildings, incomplete commissions, and a virtual pile of scattered PDFs. With such shaky foundations, it is little wonder that ongoing operations and commissions fall into an inefficient slurry of isolated silo systems. Design, delivery, and management of a construction project needs to be fully unified and replace this silo approach at both the design and operations level. 

Smart Buildings are more than simply automatic lighting and CCTV, they provide continual feedback and support; automating human processes, increasing efficiency, enabling commissions empowered by cloud services and technologies, and connecting people with systems like never before. 

The Solutions

To unlock the full potential of Smart Buildings, you need to seamlessly integrate your smart infrastructure and workflow systems using a combination of automation processes utilizing real-time data flows. 

You need a single integrated platform to optimize performance across the complete lifecycle of your assets. One that comprises all elements from design, procurement, and implementation, through to the commissioning, operation, and maintenance of smart services. 

A new change is transforming our industry, affecting construction, handover, and the complete building lifecycle from day one. Design and operations are tied closer than ever before and require a new process that bridges the current gaps in the market. Lifeless, static, design documents and BIMs must be drawn into a cohesive, living system that operates in real time - a Digital Twin. 

Through C2O and Smart BIM, buildings can fully merge with the digital space, optimizing the efficiency of operations and maintenance management to reduce energy costs and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

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