Smart Procurement

We assist our clients in acquiring ICT products and services through framework, or local tender processes. We typically prepare the following in collaboration with our clients' procurement resources:

  • Advertisements and contract notices
  • Questionnaires for Selection
  • Requirements for Requests for Quotations / Pricing (RFQ/RFP) Technical specifications and definition
  • Tender Invitations (ITT)
  • Questionnaires of high quality
  • Reports on Evaluation
  • Briefing reports

Our procurement services refer to our expert assistance in identifying the best suppliers for a client to use in order to meet their specific requirements. This ensures that the client will receive exactly what they need from their unified communications systems, both efficiently and affordably, from the appropriate sources. Different suppliers display different offerings, and Connecting is here to assist you in navigating these offerings in order to find the supplier best suited to your institution's specific needs. We can then communicate with these suppliers on your behalf to ensure that you get the most out of their ICT products and services.

We gather a wide range of resources to determine the best procurement options for each individual client. Contract notices and advertisements are usually included, as well as a selection questionnaire to determine the most suitable suppliers and requests for quotations and pricing to find the most cost-effective procurement solution. In addition, we create a requirements definition and technical specifications to find the best solution for the client's needs, as well as invitations to tender (ITT), quality questionnaires, evaluation reports, and debrief reports.

What are your objectives…

Connecting Buildings work with our clients to understand their objectives, create a roadmap/strategy for their Workplace Transformation and manage the deployment to deliver the beneficial outcomes desired. ​